Our Mission

To support the success of therapists in Private Practice through thoughtfully designed space, business education and community.

We help more therapists help more people.

Through flex time space, business services and professional development opportunities, we provide the platform therapists need to increase their impact and thrive in private practice.

We know the better we take care of our therapists, the better they can take care of us, our families and our communities.


Doing our part

We help therapists thrive in private practice in a few ways.


Community is one of our foundational values. Small business owners like private practice therapists can feel lonely in their entrepreneurial journey, and our community of therapists helps take that away.


Access to a space and other resources holds a lot of therapists back from living their dream and helping more people. Our rooms are very affordable, allowing practitioners to start their private practice faster.


Most masters programs in counseling have a total of 0 credit hours of business classes, and it's often expensive to obtain on your own. That's why we offer workshops and webinars every month. Many free to members.

Join the movement.

Book a room, contact one of our therapists, host a webinar... whatever your passion or need is, you can join us in making therapy and private practice accessible for everyone.