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Kristen Jackson

After a decade long career in the corporate world, and staying at home with her 2 small children. Kristen Jackson was ready for her 3rd act.

She knew she wanted to help people and considered becoming a therapist. Kristen applied and got accepted into a counseling psychology program at a university in Denver, CO and thought she was on her way to become a clinician.

Seeing therapists over the years to help her navigate different chapters in her life, she noticed a common theme. Stigma and afterthought. She didn’t understand why mental health, which she saw as the foundation for living a full life, from work, to relationships to physical health was hidden in offices in nondescript buildings, down fluorescent lit hallways with couches of unknown origin.

During orientation to begin her master's program, another reality emerged.  Therapists have limited well-paying options working for an agency or group practice, so many choose private practice. The only problem was, the more she researched what business classes were available for this career choice, the more she realized there weren't any.

She noticed that many therapists didn't realize that starting a practice is also starting small businesses and there wasn't much support or structure to help them succeed.   She knew therapists deserved better. With the current mental health crisis, she knew we all deserved better. She decided that she could help more people by helping the therapists help people.  rēcenter was born.

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