Therapist Office Interior Design

March 14, 2020

A welcoming and comfortable office can significantly improve the therapy experience session.

That’s why therapist office interior design is so important. 

Here, we tell you exactly how to decorate your counseling room. We’ll cover...

  • The pieces you need,
  • Important finishes, and
  • Where to get interior design inspiration.

Let’s dive in.

The pieces you need for your therapist office design

No one wants to break the bank when designing their counseling room.

That being said, you do need a few pieces to get started. 

A couch

Your client’s couch is the most important piece of furniture in your office.

The couch should be comfy and clean, preferably with pillows or blankets to help clients feel safe.

Although appearance is important too, the couch should feel even better. Because of this, we don’t recommend purchasing a couch online unless you read lots of reviews raving about how comfortable it is.

Your chair

Again, comfort is crucial.

If you plan on seeing clients for more than three hours in a row, you should feel very comfortable in your chair. The cushions should be soft, but the chair should also offer excellent back support.

The chair doesn’t need to exactly match your couch--an accent chair goes a long way to enriching the design of your counseling room.

End tables

Coffee tables act as barricades between you and your clients, so we recommend purchasing end tables.

On your end tables, you can keep tissues, lamps, and coasters for tea, coffee, and water. End tables are functionally important, but they also act as bookends to the client’s couch, which adds another layer of protection. This helps them unconsciously feel safe when they’re in your counseling room.

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Important design finishes for your therapist office

Now that you have the necessary pieces for your therapist office design, you can add finishes that bring the space together. Although these finishes may seem small, little things like cushions or a candle go a long way. 

Scent diffusers or candles

You don’t want your space to smell too strongly, but subtle scent helps create an intentional atmosphere. Clients may dislike some scents or be triggered by them, so it’s important to choose something light.

Cushions and blankets

Pillows and throws are great design accents and help make your couch even cozier.


Bad lighting can ruin a room, and overhead lighting can be harsh. For better lighting, invest in a few attractive lamps to place on end tables.

Tea or coffee

To help your client relax further, buy a Keurig or water boiler so clients can have a warm drink in their hands. Drinks give clients something to hold when they share things that make them anxious or upset.

Wall hangings

Artwork softens bare walls and adds a further layer of polish. Choose understated pieces that don’t overwhelm clients too much.

Along with other wall fixtures, feel free to hang your degrees and other personal items. Avoid anything too personal though--you want the client to think about themselves, not your personal life.

Counseling room design ideas: Where to find inspiration

If you’re totally stuck, looking at other counseling room designs might help.

Here are a few places we find design inspiration.

  • Pinterest. Pinterest is great for finding interior design ideas.
  • Google. A Google images search goes a long way. You’ll have thousands of spaces to look at!
  • Apartment Therapy. Although Apartment Therapy isn’t for therapist office interior design specifically, they have awesome, DIY design ideas for your counseling room.
  • Catalogs. Grab a West Elm, Crate & Barrel, or other interior design shop’s catalog. You’ll get plenty of ideas that you know are on-trend.

Is therapist office interior design holding you back?

If scrounging the funds together to invest in your office design is holding you back from starting your practice, it might be best to look into other options.

Although renting a therapist office can be expensive, renting a room by the hour isn’t. At rēcenter, we offer professionally designed therapy rooms for privately practicing therapists for as little as $20 per session. We handle the design and logistics of your practice so you can focus on your clients.

If you’re in the Denver area and need an affordable and beautiful space to practice, book a tour to see our offices. Located in Cherry Creek, we’re at a central location for all your clients.

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