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April 2, 2020

To support the therapist community during this crisis, we are offering therapists a free, HIPAA compliant teletherapy platform. Please leave your email for updates and access once the platform is available.

Hello friends -  

What a strange strange time we are in.  Many of us are trying to help clients who are feeling helpless, while feeling helpless ourselves.  

On top of the emotional uncertainty, as business owners, we have been tasked with perhaps switching to tele-therapy in an instant and are feeling the financial impact of this virus on our businesses & livelihoods.

In the face of this new normal, I am continuously inspired by the care and willingness of our community to support each other. We share information, resources and time to help other therapists try make sense of this new landscape.  

Therapists are the helpers. You are needed more than ever and will be after the crisis wanes to help with the emotional aftermath of a post pandemic world.  

Though rēcenter is unable to open for the foreseeable future, our mission continues to be to support the success of therapists.  We’ve collected a list of resources and are sharing it here in hopes that you find something useful and know that many of us are.

We send you and your family's thoughts of peace and health.

Be well,


Our mission will always be to support the success of the therapist.


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Meet the author

Kristen Jackson

Kristen Jackson is the founder of rēcenter. She believes mental health is the corner stone of overall health and is working to increase the visibility and success of therapists in private practice.

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